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A safe place to play, heal, and connect

Services & Community

You are here on earth at this time on purpose; tfully express your Desires & live your Destiny and usher a New World of Prosperity, Compassion, Ease, Love, and Unity to all of life.

You're not just a participant; you're a co-creator in this divine undertaking.

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Desires & Destiny Women's Retreat

Join us in Boise for a 3-day retreat where you'll:

  • Uncover your true desires

  • Learn how to shed layers of beliefs and patterns that keep you from living them

  • Discover and start to heal your CORE Wound you came into life to heal

  • Have a blueprint of how to intentionally manifest the destiny of your dreams

  • Embody the practical tools and methods many coaches use to get breakthroughs (but don't teach to them!)

  • Create a tight-knit community of women to journey with.

  • Leave empowered with a deepened relationship with your true self and the celestial guides in the heavens

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Full Moon Drum Ceremonies

90-Minutes of Salt Halotherapy, Drumming & Full Moon Bliss 

Join our exclusive, transformative experience where the primal beat of drums meets the nurturing energy of the Leo Full Moon while breathing in the purifying Halotherapy of the Salt Sanctuary.


WHERE: 5626 West State Street Boise, ID 83703

WHAT: Bring your drums if you have them  

WHEN: March 25, 24, 5:30 - 7 PM


Cost: $55
Check out our next upcoming circle by clicking the button below.

Local Circles, Ceremonies, & Sisterhood


Women's Drum Circles

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Physical & Emotional Healing

Wisdom Vine

The Global
SHIFT Project 

Play and have fun! No experience needed and you don't need your own drum. Heal through rhythm entrainment, fun, and connection without needing to speak. 

Tailored sessions for you to heal inner child wounds, rebalance you inner creative engines, and establish more clarity and confidence in your life. can include sitting with Kambo medicine. 

Discover the new way of doing community - aligned, safe, and fun! A great way to meet us is to join a drum circle. You may just discover a whole new world of connection you never thought possible before. 

Collective Manifestation Sessions beyond the Law of Attraction that SHIFT You and humanity into a New World Paradigm of  Prosperity, Well-being, Health, and Fun!

Meet Moon Tucker

Serving those ready to heal their past, embrace their desires, and live their destiny. Hello, I'm Moon, and I guide individuals towards the breakthroughs they seek by teaching them to perform shadow work on themselves.


This frees people from the endless cycle of seeking various coaches to reach their next level. I believe each person is their own master, teacher, healer, and guru.


My goal is to guide people in uncovering, comprehending, and mastering the methods necessary for them to remember this truth so they can live out their Desires and Destiny with more confidence, ease, and fun.

Over the last 13 years, I've studied many esoteric and scientifically backed methods for healing trauma and tapping into the human potential to consciously co-create the fun and expansive life we all came to experience.

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Elizabeth Edwards

Black Swan Money Management

Moon shifted my life in ways I couldn’t imagine! I finally can control my anxiety and have so many skills to handle life when it gets hard. The deep dive we did is a truly transformational experience! Working with Moon should be mandatory!

Amy Derrick

 Moon knows so many different modalities that help me learn how to heal myself and grow at the same time! I love her approach of teaching women how to be their own healer while stepping into their Soul purpose. She is pure love and holds nothing back in helping women live our best lives at the highest frequency possible.

Tara Parker

Actress & Singer

I'm finally chiseling away at WHO I AM and understanding my True Self because of Moon! I feel so good, so relieved, and so confident. I'm very, very grateful!
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