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About Moon Tucker

As an Awakening and Healing Guide, I am on a profound journey similar to yours, dedicated to helping others rediscover their true selves and foster a sense of safety, visibility, and value.

In 2010, a near-death experience acted as a catalyst for my awakening. The incident resulted in the loss of most of my left arm, part of my breast, and stripped me of my career, titles, possessions, and many relationships. This profound loss forced me to confront my inner child wounds and recognize how they had unconsciously dictated my life.

Over the past 13 years, I have dedicated myself to exploring the nature of these wounds—how they form, how they manifest in our lives, and most importantly, how to heal and integrate them.


My journey has solidified my core belief that you are perfect just as you are, that you possess the innate ability to heal yourself, and that everything you need to do so is within you, often buried beneath layers of old patterns and external expectations.

Navigating the complexities of healing, I have faced the fears and doubts that come with imposter syndrome, often feeling like I don’t fit the traditional mold of a healer.


Yet, I recognize the urgent need for awakening and healing in our world today.


As we collectively navigate a time of simultaneous chaos and unity, it is clear that we are in the midst of a profound collective awakening. It is time for us to come together in safe, sacred, and joyful community, and join forces to create the world we wish to live in.

Guided by spirit, our curated, transformative, and sacred ceremonies and events offer a unique blend of intuitive, traditional, and modern modalities.


We incorporate practices such as kambo, drum circles, sound medicine, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and spiral somatics to facilitate profound healing and growth.

The communities we create and nurture are at the forefront of a movement towards more authentic, intimate, and aligned ways of living.


Our collective focus and intent is on supporting one another in our journey to embody the humanity we envision—one where every individual feels safe, seen, and valued.

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