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Embrace the Journey of Heart with Cacao and Rapé Ceremony

“An Intimate Safe Space to Connect with Your Heart” 

FEB 17, 2024

2 - 5 pm

6914 W. Irving Lane, Boise ID

This sacred gathering, led by the profoundly experienced Justina Sgorbissa and the heart-healing guide, Moon Tucker, is a ceremony of deep spiritual awakening and emotional liberation.

The Power of Cacao: Medicine of the Gods

Indulge in the ancient ritual of the Cacao Ceremony, revered as the "Food of the Gods." Cacao, a plant medicine with a rich history in Mesoamerican traditions, is known for its heart-opening properties, offering a path to profound emotional healing and spiritual insight. Justina’s dedication to integrity and prosperity for all extends to her sourcing of Cacao which comes from Tuq'tuq'uilal, a Regenerative Center located in the heart of the Mayan jungle of the Alta Verapaz region in Lanquín, Guatemala.


They work directly with the Qeqchi community which harvest cacao in the wild, using zero agrochemicals. Families are paid a fair price for raw cacao and then work as a collective to ferment, sun-dry, fire-roast fire, grind and pack the cacao at the Tuq'tuq'uilal facility. The center uses principles of regenerative permaculture - Earth Care. People care. Fair share.

Rapé: A Portal to Inner Wisdom

The ceremony will also feature the sacred Rapé, a powerful healing herbal mixture that can unlock higher states of consciousness, ground your energy, and align you with the wisdom of the earth. Service of Rapé is optional. 

Justina Sgorbissa - Guided by Ancient Wisdom and Modern Insight

Justina, your ceremonial guide, brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive study under medicine men and women across the Americas. Her expertise spans the Lakota lineage and ancient tribes from Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador. Justina's experience serving and facilitating in Kambo, Rapé, Cacao and various plant medicine ceremonies makes her a conduit for ancestral wisdom and modern healing practices.

Heart Healing Visualization with Moon Tucker

Moon Tucker, a heart-centered visionary in the realm of spiritual and personal development, will guide you through a heart-healing visualization. 

Your Journey to Reconnection

- Date & Time: February 17, from 2 PM to 5 PM
- Venue: 6914 W. Irving Street, Boise * look for the white swan and park in guest parking near there
- Investment: $55 Secure your spot now and Venmo @Justina-Sgorbissa


What to Bring:

- Your favorite mug for the sacred Cacao
- A cozy blanket and pillow for comfort
- Back support if needed (yoga or bleacher chairs are good, but no elevated chairs please)
- A journal to capture your insights
- A bottle of water to stay hydrated


Embrace the Possibilities

This ceremony is more than an event; it's a journey into the depths of your heart. It's an opportunity to release grief, embrace wisdom, and open yourself to the realm of possibilities. In a safe and sacred space, let go of what no longer serves you and welcome the insights from your higher self.


Reserve Your Sacred Space Now

Spaces are limited for this intimate gathering. Reserve your spot and join us on a journey of heart and healing. Whether you are looking to seed prosperity, sustain your journey, or expand your connection with Divine Love, there is a place for you in this circle of transformation.

If you have questions please contact Justina via FB messenger or text at 845-797-0934

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