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Desire is the lifeblood of everything in your life. Period.

Destiny is the reason you are here. 

You are here on Purpose and Your Desire is the Key to a
Fulfilling Life.

Just look around you... Everything you see began as a desire.

All you have to do is learn how to harness your innate tools.

I'm Ready to Get What I Desire! NOW!

You're looking at other women get exactly what they desire, saying, "That could be me."

Maybe this is YOU...


You've proven you are exceptionally business savvy, but your business doesn't fit who you are becoming or the dreams you've set aside.

You want to use your gifts and improve your current income, lifestyle freedom, and relationships without the constant stress of it all

The hustle and grind has taken its toll. You feel disconnected from where your life is headed, and struggle to keep up your energy and momentum.

You need to fulfill your ambition to serve in a way that matters without sacrificing your health, wealth and relationships.


Grief of the past decimates your ability to thrive. It seems that each time you make progress, a new wave of emotion takes over and you slip into a slump again.

You're frustrated and angry because you know grief is holding you back, but you don't know how to get past it.

But there is hope.

You have started to see your life and purpose from a broader perspective.

There's an inner desire for more, but you don't know exactly what it is or how to align it to your current life.

You feel stuck between two versions of you, and you're ready to claim your true destiny.

The problem: Most people think you get what you want by repeating affirmations and wishing hard enough for the things you want to manifest.

But this isn’t how it works…

These cookie-cutter methods of manifestation fall flat when your desires are unclear and you don't know how to activate your innate manifestation powers. You keep spinning your wheels, reliving the same patterns, with your dreams far in the future. 


Millions of people have unknowingly traded in their soul’s desires for society's version of success. Society has taught us that individual people do not have the intelligence, resources, or power to create a better world.


From the time we are born we are taught to distrust our abilities, desires, and power.


We are taught:

  • Human nature is bad and we should fear anyone that doesn't look, sound, and act the ‘right’ way. 

  • The limits of what is best for us and that any desire we have that doesn't fit it is wrong.

  • To fear or scoff at nonconforming wisdom and knowledge as defined by prevailing leaders and rulers approve. 

  • To live small, work hard, and accept our fate. Period.

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It's time to BOLDLY claim what you truly desire—And receive it!

The powers of the past have lied to us, they have failed us, and the world they’ve sold us is crumbling. We all desire a life of freedom, joy, authenticity, connection, and prosperity.


Together we are making it happen and we need YOU to step into YOUR innate power and live out your divine destiny too. Let us help you see what we know to be True about YOU

Your desires and destiny ARE the path to co-creating the new world that we all seek. When you learn to recapture your desires and tune into your divine destiny, the world you see changes for ALL of us. 


The freedom you seek isn’t threatened by your individual authenticity; it is BIRTHED from it. 

We’ve gathered once hidden knowledge so that you can set yourself free and co-create the life you desire deep down.

"Identifying my desires has been extremely helpful in recognizing certain patterns and defining parts in myself I didn't know before.  It has helped a lot in giving my desires DIRECTION."

- Moises

Introducing the...

D & D just text Thumbnails.jpg

With Christina Jenkins and Moon Tucker

A curated 3-day experience for women answering the call to recapture their innate wisdom, desire, and power. 

Designed for women who are ready to be who they want to be without sacrificing what matters most. Perfect for women who desire to have more aligned freedom, play, connection, growth and authenticity in life. 


Meet Your Hosts

Let us hold space for you to delve into the deepest parts of yourself, and offer you the resources that have helped us achieve our desires.

Who Are We?


Meet Christina Jenkins

Christina Jenkins, Essence Revealer, opens your mind to the power of your celestial DNA and Divine origin through the lens of astrology as blueprinted in your birth chart.


Like your genetic DNA report, the details within your birth chart reveal what could arguably be called a manual for how to live your best life. It reveals the cause behind personal dynamics, indicates innate abilities, desires, and aspects of you lying dormant for you to discover and evolve with the help of your heavenly ancestors.

She will take you deep into the most influential and revealing aspect of your manual so that it become a practical everyday tool.

"I feel sooo connected to the moon, earth and myself. Christina's readings have deepened every aspect of my life! Her example of how to love people and give them space to grow is so inspiring."

- Britt

Meet Moon Tucker

Moon Tucker is your Desires and Inner Child Healing Guide. Her work with clients follows one underlying truth—you are your own healer, teacher, mentor, and guru but you are not alone. The Universe is constantly communicating and supporting you in unseen and seen ways. She is committed to guiding those ready to step into their innate power in body, mind, and Spirit.

Moon has studied many esoteric and scientifically backed methods for tapping into the human potential to consciously co-create the fun and expansive life we came to experience.

Moon Headshot 1.png

“Moon shifted my life in ways I couldn’t imagine! I can finally control my anxiety, and have so many skills to handle life when it gets hard. The deep dive we did is a truly transformational experience! Working with Moon should be mandatory!”

- Elizabeth

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Reserve Your Spot Today

Desires & Destiny Women's Retreat

February 23-25, 2024

in Boise, Idaho

You will receive...

  • Personalized "Big 5" Natal Chart Deep Dive 

  • 1-ON-1 Desires Discovery Coaching with Moon Prior to Retreat

  • EMBODIED Understanding of 5 Self-healing Methods

  • Inner Child Healing Session to Clear Blocks

  • Luxury Accommodation for 2 Nights 

  • Nutritiously Prepared Meals 

  • Deep 7 Aligned Community to Grow With 

Only one payment of $777



The Desires & Destiny Retreat is a weekend full of knowledge and tools to...

Identify the hidden inner wounds you came into this life to heal

so you can stop repeating the unconscious patterns that create stress, lack, and pain in your life.

Understand the language of your unconscious

so you can stop negative behaviors and emotions in their tracks and rewrite how you talk to yourself.

Recapture your innate ability to be creative through play

so you can reduce stress, heal from trauma, and increase mental clarity.

Awaken your inner healer, teacher, guru and coach

so you can stop buying programs and tools that don't work and rely on your inner tools to move through difficult moments.


What You'll Gain

Self-Led Tools To Become Your Own Guru

You'll learn:

  • the methods coaches use to guide breakthroughs but never teach to their clients. 

  • Why they work and how to sustain your growth with them. 

  • How to take back your innate power and creative prowess through applying Universal Laws of creation to your body, mind, and Soul

You'll leave with:

  • A new life vision that's tethered to your hear and now.

  • The clarity you'll get paves the way for easier decisions, aligned action, and better outcomes.

  • A take-home workbook and digital recordings to continue your practice at home.

A Personalized Deep Dive into Your Natal Blueprint

You'll Receive:

  • Personalized insight into the top 5 aspects of the blueprint of your physical and psychic nature from 4th generation astrologist Christina Jenkins.

You'll Discover:

  • The CORE WOUND you came to life to heal.

You'll Learn:

  • The implications of your unique blueprint on your life choices, experiences, and potential future experiences.

You'll Practice:

  • Align your inner world with the energy potentials of the outer world to the edge of our galaxy 

Community Who Speak Your Language and Can Journey with You

Live what it means to know you are not alone. Our small-group setting fosters deep trust, connection, and understanding - all the things we deserve! Friendship form that continue throughout your transformation and self-mastery journey so you can continue to nurture your Desires and Live your Destiny!

You'll also receive...

  • Real-time processing and integration of wounds and traumas in a safe space so you can stop carrying it around with you.

  • 1-on-1 exploration and integration with Christina to enhance your understanding of how your Big 5 Wisdom Council speaks to you through the archetypes of astrology so you feel empowered each day with added divine guidance through life. 

  • Somatic embodiment exercises to reignite the innate creativity and play that bring more joy and ease to life.

  • Private luxury setting for intimate fireside chats to foster relationships that will last long after the retreat ends.

  • Healthy meals prepared on site so you can take a break from cooking!

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

Our Guarantee

If you show up, play full out, and trust the process, you will have proven, simple, and effective tools to use on yourself in real time to continue healing, growing, and creating a life that feels aligned, free, and fun. ​

Why Book Your Spot Now?

Because there are only 9 spots available!

Life isn’t slowing down, the normal of the past has failed, and your life won’t change without you stepping into your true power. 


Stop wasting time, energy, and money with self-help coaches, tools, and books until you know what it is you really desire


Get clear on what you want, learn how to self-heal what isn’t working, and the HOW will come easier. 


Don’t waste another breath hoping things will change. Take action on your own behalf and step into your power as your own healer, teacher, mentor, and guru. 


Claim your spot now and change your life. 

  • What can I expect from the retreat?
    Expect a transformative experience filled with workshops, activities, and sessions designed to help you uncover your inner desires, heal from past wounds, and gain astrological insights to guide your life's path. Our retreat offers a blend of relaxation, self-discovery, and community building.
  • Where is the retreat located?
    The retreat will be held at a spacious Airbnb in Boise, chosen for its calming atmosphere and beautiful surroundings that support reflection and growth.
  • What should I bring with me?
    We recommend bringing comfortable clothing suitable for movement (optional), a journal, an open heart, any additional snacks you can't live without, and anything else that supports your personal comfort, such as a favorite blanket or a yoga mat.
  • Are meals included?
    Yes, all meals are included in the retreat. We offer nourishing, high-quality food options that cater to various dietary needs. Please let us know if you have specific dietary restrictions.
  • Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?
    We are happy to discuss your individual needs to ensure you have the best experience possible. Please let us know ahead of time.
  • What is the accommodation like?
    We offer comfortable and tranquil settings that support your journey throughout the retreat. Specific information will be provided upon registration.
  • Do I get my own bed?
    Most women will be sharing queen or king sized beds at the retreat. You may request an individual bed for an added fee.
  • What if I have never done astrology or self healing before?
    Our retreat is designed for all levels of experience. Whether you're new to astrology and self healing, or have been exploring these areas for years, our hosts will provide guidance suitable for your level of knowledge and comfort.
  • Can I get a refund if I can't attend?
    All sales for the Desires & Destiny Women's Retreat are final to ensure that each attendee is fully committed to this transformative experience. Exceptions will be made only in the event of retreat cancellation or emergency.
Desires (2).png

It's Your Time...

Desires & Destiny Women's Retreat

February 23-25, 2024

in Boise, Idaho

You will receive...

  • Personalized "Big 5" Natal Chart Deep Dive 

  • 1-ON-1 Desires Discovery Coaching with Moon Prior to Retreat

  • EMBODIED Understanding of 5 Self-healing Methods

  • Inner Child Healing Session to Clear Blocks

  • Luxury Accommodation for 2 Nights 

  • Nutritiously Prepared Meals 

  • Deep 7 Aligned Community to Grow With 

Only one payment of $777



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