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Yin Yoga with Guided Healing Visualization  

Every Thursday from 6-7 PM at SomaWorks, Boise

Release the stress of life and heal some emotional wounds with Yoga Yin. I'll guide you through floor-based poses held for 3-4 minutes with plenty of pillows and blocks for support. 

Considered the 'Fountain of Youth' in Yoga practices, Yin is designed to open your body up to release tension, lower cortisol and stress hormones, and receive healing. 

Each session closes with a guided visualization to gently heal wounds of the past and empower you to be your authentic self. 

Yin is great for all fitness levels and is easily modified for injuries or limitations. 

Bring a firm pillow or bolster and blocks if you have them.

Limited spots! Register Now & Venmo @MoonTucker and note the dates you will attend. 

NOTE! The studio is in the building behind the Children's Home and parking is off of S Straughan and E Bannock.

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